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How to finance your distance learning alongside your job Not everyone has the opportunity to study full-time at a university or college. Often there is only distance learning for these people, but this is usually not very cheap. Since not everyone has a high income, various banks offer loans for distance learning. Who actually writes and advises here? About us On this page Distance learning credit Requirements Online or branch credit? Credit marketplaces Early repayment Compare loans directly

It is a credit for distance learning

It is a credit for distance learning

Distance learning is usually used by people who are unable to study full-time at a university for family or work reasons. Thanks to the Internet, participation in the institutes’ distance learning courses is no longer a problem.

Since these courses are not very cheap, a credit is often required for distance learning. The credit is used to pay for the distance learning courses and to finance the required teaching materials. Colleges and universities often send these materials by post or email.

These requirements apply to the credit for distance learning

These requirements apply to the credit for distance learning

This loan should not be confused with a student loan funded by Cream Bank. It is usually a normal installment loan from a bank. The applicant should demonstrate good creditworthiness for a cheap loan offer. Furthermore, the applicant must be of legal age and have a permanent residence in Germany.

Funding is generally possible with these providers: Use the free loan comparison and find the best terms!

Distance learning: financing with online or branch credit

Distance learning: financing with online or branch credit

Those who want to study in addition to their professional activity usually have a regular income.

The loans from online and direct banks are generally cheaper than the loan offers from the branch banks and can easily be applied for online. Since there are now a lot of online loans, a credit comparison on the Internet is worthwhile – use our free comparison calculator in the upper section.

Entering the required loan amount, the loan term and the purpose is sufficient for a search. Since there are no special credits for distance learning, free use must be chosen. When choosing the loan term, applicants should always take into account monthly income. A short term reduces the cost of a loan.

Since not every borrower wants to do without personal advice, the loan can of course also be requested from the house bank. However, the loans from these banks can only be obtained after an appointment in the branch and usually cost a little more.

Professional qualifications play an important role in most professions. For further and advanced training, the students also attend colleges, universities and master schools. Lateral entrants are also prepared for new professional challenges with distance learning courses.

These courses and courses are often also offered online at the institutes of the various federal states. The courses are available to distance learning students, for example in the areas of business, social affairs, technology and psychology. As a degree, a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree can be achieved, as at universities. Various master classes in handicrafts are now also possible as distance learning courses from home.

Since the courses are usually not very cheap and the teaching material has to be paid for, additional costs arise for the students. This applies particularly to courses at private universities. These costs can be offset with a distance learning loan. However, the borrower has to meet various requirements for a loan.

Loans for students on credit marketplaces and with intermediaries

Loans for students on credit marketplaces and with intermediaries

Since not everyone who needs a credit for distance learning also has very good credit conditions at the same time, other lenders can also be chosen as online and branch banks. The so-called credit marketplaces, for example, offer a possibility for a loan.

Private investors and borrowers are registered on these Internet portals. The loans are financed exclusively by private donors. The loans are available with slight negative characteristics in the Credit Bureau and often with a limited credit rating. Since the credit marketplaces are intermediaries, there are additional fees for these loans.
Joint loan application saves costs

Anyone who starts a distance learning course is already married or lives in a relationship. It may be worthwhile for these people to take out the distance study loan together. For this purpose, the applicant includes a second borrower in the contract.

Many lenders offer joint application for loans. In the case of married couples, many banks also require the joint application to secure loans. In many cases, couples who are not married must prove that they have shared residence.

The advantage that arises from a joint application is the improvement in creditworthiness. This usually results in a lower interest rate, which has a positive impact on costs.

Early repayment of the distance learning loan

Early repayment of the distance learning loan

The time spent studying distance learning does not always correspond to the loan term. Anyone who has chosen too long a credit period for the distance learning loan can usually redeem this loan prematurely. This is now possible free of charge at many banks.

At some banks, however, borrowers have to pay a prepayment penalty. With this measure, the bank receives compensation that compensates for the loss of interest due to the shorter loan term. The amount of this compensation always depends on the remaining term of the loan. If the remaining term is longer than 1 year, the banks require a prepayment penalty of 1 percent of the remaining amount. With a loan term of less than 12 months, the amount of compensation is only 0.5 percent.

The bank will list the exact procedure in the contract details. Borrowers should carefully calculate the early repayment of the loan in advance.

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